Want Big Dense Buds? Use a Organic Super Bloom – Cannabis 101

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Organic Super Bloom

Growing desirable buds can be quite challenging. It took me several years to fully understand the requirements of growing this amazing plant. In this article, I want to talk about my favorite organic super bloom. I like to call this fertilizer “the finisher” because its the last fertilizer they get before harvest.

Organic Super Bloom

Before we get into it, I would like to remind my readers that this fertilizer isn’t a fixer upper. As it won’t fix an unhealthy plant. It may help some, but the key to a successful harvest is maintaining a healthy plant from start to finish. Always follow directions when applying fertilizers.

During the vegetative growth stage, cannabis plants require fertilizers high in nitrogen. This changes when your cannabis plant starts to flower. Instead, flowering plants require fertilizers that are high in calcium, potassium and phosphorus. I start the flowering cycle with my favorite Bloom Fertilizer and continue to use this fertilizer up until harvest.

Bat Guano

About a month into flowering, I start applying “the finisher”. The finisher, AKA bat guano is a common fertilizer used with various types of plants. There are many different types of guano’s, but my favorite is a bat guano that is high in phosphorus. This type of guano is sometimes called the organic super bloom because it is an excellent flowering fertilizer. Bat guano high in phosphorus is very expensive, but definitely worth its price when used properly. I notice denser buds and more trichome production almost immediately after applying (usually a few days later). I continue to apply this fertilizer until harvest.

Remember to check the NPK ratio when purchasing a bat guano for flowering, especially when purchasing at local storefronts. Most of the time, these storefronts will only carry cheap bat guano’s that are high in nitrogen. This type of guano is not ideal for your flowering plant and should be avoided. The best place I’ve found to buy a guano high in phosphorus is Amazon. They have two really good options. Option 1 is a bat guano from Jamaica. I have used this bat guano for many years and it does wonders every time. Option 2 is a bat guano from Indonesia. Despite my success with the Jamaican, I gave this one a try because it is almost $2 cheaper and has a comparable NPK ratio. I give both two thumbs up!

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    1. In my opinion, clones should be planted in June for your summer grow. Seeds on the other hand can be planted as early as April or May because of the time required for your seedling to mature.

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