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No not yet, but hopefully soon. We are currently exploring new opportunities.
Two things are required to order medical marijuana clones. A valid and current medical marijuana recommendation from a physician and proof of residency in the state of California (drivers license).
Placing an order is easy. You can order online or just give us a call at 619-598-4217. First time patients will need to send us a copy of their driver’s license and doctor recommendation with their smartphone. Once verified, we will set up a time and location that works best.

We’ve been to every storefront in San Diego and it is our belief that Torrey Holistics is by far the best! Their quality is unmatched! Check them out @!

Right now we accept cash. We hope to have credit card services up soon.
THC is the ingredient in medical cannabis that gives the euphoric feeling that is sometimes experienced while using various methods of medicating. It is typically released by way of heat during smoking or cooking the cannabis to a specified temperature. Other methods of ingesting cannabis without heating, allow patients to medicate without the euphoric effects of THC. There are many studies on THC’s ability to reduce the painful pressure of glaucoma. Clinical studies on THC’s analgesic, pain-relieving properties in patients with cancer or severe pain can be found here.
We offer many varieties of THC dominant clones. Blue Dream, Colombian Gold, Sour Diesel, Afgoo, LAK, SFV OG, Northern Lights, Apricot Cookies, Pineapple, White Widow among a few.
Check our Cannabis Clones page to learn more about these clones.  We can also suggest plants for your interest based on stocked quantities.
CBD is a non-psychoactive component of marijuana that possesses a wide range of therapeutic benefits. When present in high quantities, CBD enhances THC’s positive effects. It’s clear both THC & CBD coexist in the plant for a reason, often acting synergistically to create enhanced effects. There are many studies online that discuss CBD’s ability to reverse alcohol-induced brain damage, CBD as an effective treatment for severe social anxiety, and CBD as a potent anti-psychotic medicine.
Yes, have several different varieties of CBD Clones.  ACDC, Cashy’s Honey, Ringo’s Gift, Harlequin, Sour Tsnuami and Harley Tsumani.
Plant stock is usually low for these clones, please allow several weeks for delivery.
The Gas Lantern Routine is one of my favorite grow hacks. The Gas Lantern Routine will save you money on energy cost indoors and help you grow large plants outdoors. Keep the light on 1 to 3 hours in the middle of the night, and you will keep your plants from Flowering.

Many indoor growers can use a 12 hours on, 5.5 hours off, 1 hour on, 5.5 hours off, 12 hours on etc.

This produces the same result indoor or outdoors, keeps your plant in a vegetative growing state. Read the blog about the Gas Lantern Routine Here.

Currently much of our time is devoted to growing outdoors and cloning healthy plants for you. If you want help in designing and building a quality indoor grow, give us a call and we can refer you to a qualified contractor qualified to help.  All we do is talk to growers, our network is growing everyday.
Yes.  As mentioned before, we love outdoor growing.  It is our passion as we love taking advantage of the natural sun.  So if you want us to build you an outdoor growing box, give us a call and we will set you up like a pro.
Many growers suggest 18/0 or 24/0 for an indoor vegetative grow.  The Gas Lantern Routine suggest 12/5.5/1/5.5.  Produces same results for vegetating and saves 20%+ electricity.  Check out the Gas Lantern Routine Blog Here to learn more.

Caterpillars, Spider Mites and Thrips are some of the worst offenders. Luckily there are some really great organic options to deal with these pests.  For caterpillars, check here

For Spider Mites and thrips, Neem Oil is always a go to.