Garden Sensors are Great Investments

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How often to water marijuana

Do You Need Help with How Often to Water Marijuana?

A problem a lot of growers have is how often to water marijuana.  There are a number of ways to evaluate your gardens nutrient, moisture and temperature levels within your soil. Here at Balance, we grow in raised beds. Occasionally, we will grow a plant in a large pot. Over the years, we have noticed that each strain generally requires a different amount of nutrients and water throughout its life. To help us with our problem, we have tested several different brands of garden sensors. We found that all of our garden sensors work really well. You connect via your smart phone through an interactive app. These sensors are inexpensive  (less than $75) and provide important information like light levels, soil moisture levels, nutrient levels and more. They help us a lot!

Flower Power Vs Edyn Vs PlantLink

Flower Power by Parrot

The first sensor we added to our garden was the Flower Power by Parrot. Until recently, you could buy them on or at Amazon, but as I write this blog, it seems it is no longer for sale. Sorry! Regardless, I really like this sensor. It has a great App and provides a ton of useful information. My only gripes about the flower power is that the battery drains frequently and it requires bluetooth to access the sensor (meaning you have to be right next to it for it to work).

Edyn Wi-Fi Garden Sensor

The second sensor we use in our garden is made by Edyn. You can buy this sensor on Amazon or at Home Depot. I bought mine on amazon because they had a better price. Edyn requires a wifi connection otherwise it will not work. However, I love this feature because no matter where I am located, I can check on the status of my garden as long as I have internet. Another cool feature is that the Edyn doesn’t need batteries because it has a built in solar panel. In all, the Edyn is packed with great technology and at a affordable price. I use my Edyn every day and it has really made my job a lot easier.

PlantLink Wireless Plant Sensor

PlantLink is the last sensor I have had the opportunity to test. This sensor would be considered the OG of the group, mainly because it has been around a lot longer than the two sensors above. The reminders are what really stand out for this sensor. Its great for notifying you via text when you need to water or when you need to fertilize. For multiple plants, it is probably the best sensor because you can monitor up to 64 plants with one base station. Even with 64 plants, the App makes it easy to follow. My only concern with the PlantLink are the probes. Be careful when inserting into your soil because they are delicate!

Final Review – How Often to Water Marijuana

In my opinion, having a garden sensor is smart. Anytime you can add technology that can provide data is beneficial. These sensors help me make informed decisions like when to fertilizer or how often to water marijuana. They eliminate the guess work and make growing easier. Just getting started and don’t want to spend $75? Get a 3 in 1 meter; a good one will run you $15 and they work great.

Update 11/28/17

I wanted to provide a quick update. The Flower Power by Parrot is by far my favorite soil meter/sensor, but unfortunately it is no longer available. The Edyn on the other hand is still available and at half the price! Its now for sale for $50. I really like the Edyn, but it must be connected to a strong wifi signal.

I recently noticed that there are a few generic options for sale on amazon. The Xiaomi looks like a Flower Power replacement and has the same technology, but at a much better price point of $36. Another generic plant sensor is the Flower Care 2. It is priced at $29 and seems like the best buy for the price. The Flower Care 2 and the Xiaomi look identical, so they could be manufactured by the same company. I use my sensors everyday because they work great. If you have any experience with any of the sensors above or perhaps ones not listed, please comment below.

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