The Cannabis Growing Season – Southern California

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Cannabis Growing Season Calendar

“When is the cannabis growing season?”  Today, growers can grow indoors, outdoors, greenhouse, light deprivation, auto-flower, etc.  These methods allow for cannabis to be grown and flowered at anytime of the year. So when EXACTLY can I grow plants outdoors?

The Southern California Cannabis Growing Season Calendar

The Southern California cannabis growing season:

Cannabis Growing Season Calendar


Anytime of the year, you can take advantage of the Gas Lantern Routine and increase your plant size before flowering. Most Southern California growers harvest between September and October with most strains.  June 20 is summer solstice and is the longest day of the year. In Southern California, you can expect around 14h 18min of daylight on this day. Early flowers generally appear in late July. On September 25th, daylight reaches 12 hours. At this point, your plant should be well into flower.

Every Cannabis Plant is a Little Different

Most varieties available on the market come from a select few landraces.  These landraces have centuries of growing experience in their respective climate.  Hybrids and indica’s generally have shorter harvest times, landrace sativas like our Colombian Gold originate from a very different climate.  Harvest for Landrace sativas is much later in the year between December and February in Southern California.

The Cannabis Plant Flowering Trigger

In nature, cannabis strains are naturally trained to grow in their respective climate zones.  For growing indoors, we are taught to grow something like – 18/12 for veg – 12/12 for flower. With a 12/12 light cycle, cannabis usually takes 5 to 7 days to be triggered into flowering and an additional 5 to 7 weeks until harvest.  This is why consistent darkness is important to maintain this trigger.

Concurrently, while growing outdoors, if light hours outside does not reach the 12/12 schedule until September 25th, how does it flower?  Well, outdoors the trigger naturally takes longer, for most plants it’s something like 3-6 weeks depending on the strain.  Cannabis has to take into account the gradual decline of daylight over this period.

The SoCal Growing Season Hack

Southern California offers an incredible advantage to most climates in the U.S. and the world.  The climate here hovers around 60-90s in the days and 40-60s at night, year round.  Well hardened plants can easily survive these temperatures, even the 30s and the 100s for a short period of time. The suggested gas lantern routine for growing larger plants for a larger harvest is anytime during February to November.  If you do not use the Gas Lantern Routine, you can put a plant outside anytime from Mid-June to Mid January.  A maximized growing plan in Southern California can yield 3 harvest from June-March with no supplemental lighting.   The larger the plant after summer solstice, the better.

Other Growing Tips and Tricks

Feeding plants is a key ingredient, literally.  Check out our blog about compost teas.
I talked a lot about the Gas Lantern Routine, read more on the blog.  Learn how you can save energy and vegetate plants anywhere year round.
Growing organic has a lot of talk going around right now, learn what we use in our garden.

Reference a sunrise and sunset calendar here.


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  1. Hey Michael,

    You have a lot of good points about the various conditions needed to trigger flowering. Do you have indoor growing experience?

    I would love feedback on a cannabis grow monitor ( ) that I’ve built. Are there any essential parameters that we should be tracking besides Light, Temp, Humidity and VPD?

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